About Us

Most people can't find a post-house that uses their craft to magnify the stories their clients are telling. So we focus on giving you a bespoke experience to elevate your content, in service of the story. That way, your work will cut through the noise of the video content space.

We are a story-focused, all-in-one post-production company in NYC. We work mainly on broadcast commercials, music videos, films and web content. We specialize in film editing, color-grading and VFX for the advertising & film industries. Our stunning editors, colorists and VFX artists continually deliver powerful and visually innovative final products.

Our clients include Clinique, Shell, LIFEWTR, KIND, NBC, Google, The Armoury, Genesee Brewing, RCA, Essie, LAFAYETTE 148 and other top brands.

Like a ship in a shipyard, we take raw footage, or edited content and fix it, polish it and prep it to set sail on the broadcast airwaves or the web. Your hard work deserves a proper send off.

Thanks for taking the time to browse our work.

-Mickey (E.p./ Sr. Colorist, CSI)