About Us

Shipyard Post is a creative all-in-one post house in NYC focusing on commercials, music videos, short films and web content. We specialize in film editing, color-grading and VFX for the advertising, digital and music industries. Our stunning editors, colorists and VFX artists continually deliver powerful and visually innovative final products.

Our clients include Clinique, Shell, LIFEWTR, KIND, NBC, Google, The Armoury, Genesee Brewing, RCA, Essie, LAFAYETTE 148, Jameson and other top brands.

Drawing from the tradition of a shipyard as a place where vessels came to be spruced up before a long journey, we want to get your project prepared to embark on its maiden voyage to broadcast or the internet.  

Given our lifelong passions for beautiful images, we see each project as a fresh start to aid directors, DP’s & creatives in elevating the final look of their content.

Our location in the Brooklyn Navy Yard serves as an incubator for talent and ambition, exactly what you want in a modern post house.